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Gut check: HU prof, partners weigh link between data, intuition

The relationship between data and intuition is as old as business itself. But a professor at the Philadelphia location of Harrisburg University of Science and Technology recently authored a book with several colleagues that explores the interrelation of numbers and gut feeling in an era when data mining and analysis have spread to just about every discipline. […]

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What does it mean take to be “literate” in the 21st Century? Topic of Discussion at Harrisburg University

What constitutes being literate in the 21st Century? A hundred years ago, one could be considered literate if s/he were able to read and write. Changes in the information environment, including the number of literacies related to advanced technologies with which we have to maintain fluency –including financial literacy–mean that we must consider new strategies […]


Winners Announced For Financial Education in Pennsylvania

After receiving over 80 submissions from across the Commonwealth, we are pleased to announce the winners of the Third “What Does Financial Literacy Mean to You” Contest for Grades 7-12.  The winners are: First place:  $500:  Dyamond Wagner, Forest Hills School District, Teacher (Matthew Gramling), Essay. Second place:  $250:  Marie-Therese Heil, Homeschooled 8th grader from Camp Hill, Mother […]

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One-Day Workshop on Knowledge Management: Implementing Knowledge Retention and Transfer Strategies!

Many organizations are at risk of knowledge loss due to the baby boomer demographics, lack of knowledge retention strategies and processes, and insufficient succession planning and workforce development.  Is your organization one of them? Sign up for the one-day workshop at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology  titled “Knowledge Management: Implementing Knowledge Retention and Transfer […]

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