Thrill of the crime scene entices student to study forensic science at Harrisburg University

Sherine Graham has no shame in admitting it was shows like “Law and Order,” “NCIS” and “CSI” that sparked her interested in the field of forensic science.

“I never even thought of crime-scene investigation as a possible career until those shows started becoming more popular,” she said. “When I thought that could really be me, I knew I had to try it.”

12107911_919129134833098_8947750272447330721_nGraham was about to enter another college when her high school counselor told her about Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. With hopes of finding a school not too far from her family in Philadelphia, the Jamaica native decided to make a trip to the Central Pennsylvania campus.

In that one visit, Graham knew Harrisburg University was the school for her. Learning about the forensic science program with the concentration in crime-scene investigation seemed like a dream come true. Instead of dreaming of every day adventure while watching the nightly TV dramas, Graham saw an opportunity for her real-life experiences to mimic the popular shows.

“I thought a big campus and a big school was the only option I had for a good education,” she said. “But Harrisburg University’s small class sizes and the opportunity to work one-on-one with many of the professors is so nice.”

While she finishes her general education classes, Graham is excited to get into her forensic science classes – as well as the potential for hands-on experiences – in her junior year.

With that anticipation driving her academically, she keeps herself busy with campus clubs. She participates in “almost all of them,” she said, rattling off the forensics club, philosophy club, new community club and care club as just a few.

Getting involved on campus allows Graham to meet someone new every day, she said. Many of the clubs also invite faculty or community professionals to join in on conversations that Graham said she finds inspiring.

“There’s always something new that encourages me to try harder and be better, no matter what I’m doing,” Graham said. “Whether it’s the professors or another student, people always want you to be the best you can be at this school. And they’re willing to help you get there. I’m always really motivated by that.”

As Graham moves further along with her education at Harrisburg University, she’s excited to see how she can help others through a career in forensic science. Whether she’s solving crimes by gathering evidence at a scene or making connections in the lab, Graham is looking forward to putting her knowledge to good use in a future career.

“I’m grateful that I found a career path I can be so passionate about,” she said. “I’m excited for my classes and the experiences I’ve yet to have because I know they are getting me one step closer to the career I have dreamed of. I don’t know if I’ll feel like a TV detective, but the idea is pretty cool.”

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