War College puts strategy to test at HU

Representatives from Carlisle’s U.S. Army War College teamed with HU to test the college’s South China Sea Matrix simulation game on campus.

The exercise, a tabletop game developed by Maj. Abe Goepfert and LTC. Joe Chretien of the war college’s strategic simulations office, exposes players to scenarios could play out in the South China Sea, valuable waters for the U.S. and many other countries.

The role-playing game will serve as the final exam for more than 300 Army officers enrolled in the college’s two-year distance learning program on July 24. HU Professor John McKnight and Librarian David Runyon have been asked to help facilitate the test that 23 teams will participate in next month.

Goepfert and Chretien brought the game to HU today to conduct a mock run Thursday.

Runyan facilitated today’s simulation, as several war college interns and HU staffers, including McKnight, paired up to test the game.

Each team represented a country with interests in the South China Sea. Six countries, including the U.S., China and the Republic of Vietnam, were represented during the simulation.

Each team had its own priorities, and had to make numerous economic, humanitarian and military moves as diplomatically as possible, in hopes of meeting those interests without simultaneously triggering a war.