Innovative by design

Many of the fastest-growing careers in the economy are technology careers. And no wonder: businesses, public organizations, and individuals depend on technology more than ever. Harrisburg University of Science and Technology prepares you to make your mark on this ever-evolving career field through master’s degree programs that teach you:

  • The latest theories and concepts in your field
  • Practical strategies for applying those concepts
  • Collaborative working capabilities
  • Advanced quantitative analysis skills
  • Managerial-level decision-making

An Emphasis on Experience

A major part of Harrisburg University’s mission is to connect our educational programs to the concrete needs of the career world. That’s why we focus on providing an experiential capstone that helps you synthesize the concepts you’ve learned across the curriculum and put them to work.

We also hire instructors who bring to the classroom advanced degrees and advanced career experience in the fields they teach. You’ll have the opportunity to benefit from their seasoned insights even as you form your own.

Employer-Approved Course Content

Additionally, we know our degree programs teach the skills and capabilities that major employers in the field want. That’s because we’ve asked for their input. Our Employer Advisory Board includes companies such as IBM and LinkedIn.

Their commentary helps us hone the focus of our courses to ensure you graduate equipped to meet the needs of today’s technology workplaces.

Exceptional Affordability

In addition to advanced course content and enhanced connection to the world of work, Harrisburg University goes the extra mile to ensure our students are making an affordable investment. Our highly-competitive tuition prices compare favorably with many other private colleges.

We offer generous employer reimbursement packages. Additionally, financial aid is available to those who qualify, including military veterans and their family members.

Accessible and Approachable—Even Online

Finally, Harrisburg University supports you by providing degree programs that work with your life. Our online degrees give you the power to study while keeping up with your work and family responsibilities or your military service obligations. 24/7 access to your virtual classroom means you can study where and when you want to.

And our faculty and staff are ready to help. Whether it’s a question to your professor about a reading, or assistance with your FAFSA from our financial aid staff, everyone at Harrisburg University is here for you.

Think. Discover. Connect.

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