You Have Always Stood Out. Get Your Degree from a University that Does, Too!

HU_Students3_526x526_72DPIA constantly changing world demands creative thinkers and risk takers with the knowledge and education to do great things. That’s why Harrisburg University of Science and Technology (HU) prepares its students to be history makers on the lookout for new, better ways of living life.

HU is trying to create an incoming class of amazing people who are going to have a positive impact on the world and do wonderful things with the education and resources it can provide .A bachelor’s degree through Harrisburg University means you won’t just use science and technology, but you’ll be the one to create it. We use these tools so casually. Technology allows us to talk to a friend face-to-face from thousands of miles away. It guides us to new destinations with just the typing of an address. It means we can track food production and cut down on waste for a more sustainable future. Instead of watching how science and technology changes society, make yourself part of the change.

Plus, we have impressive scholarships for impressive GPA’s. It’s pretty straightforward.  Graduates from any school district in Dauphin County, York County, Montgomery County, Delaware County may qualify for a full-tuition scholarship. The same goes for students who graduate from school districts in Philadelphia, Reading, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.  Plus there are full-tuition transfer scholarships, too.   If you have a 3.8 or above for a high school GPA, you can receive $20,000. For a 3.3 GPA, you can receive $10,000; all the way down to $6,000 a 2.7 high school GPA.

What is Harrisburg University

A four-year, private, comprehensive university, HU offers educational opportunities that produce future leaders. The 16-story, $73 million state-of-the-art Academic Center opened in 2009 with the latest advances to spark creative thinking.

The building houses 371,000 square feet of high tech classroom space, seminar rooms, a surround sound auditorium and t092515HU_night2LOWRESeaching labs. The wireless campus also features a three-dimensional printer, new-media design labs with the latest video and audio capabilities, cameras and a green screen. HU is also one of just four campuses worldwide with a virtusphere to give students the chance to experience a different reality through scientific experiences, gaming challenges and historic recreations.


Get a jumpstart in your field

Required internships and two applied research projects make sure you can leave the classroom with the knowledge to apply your skills in your career. Every major, whether it’s preparing the next rocket scientist, forensic examiner or cyber security expert, requires at least 135 hours of experience in the field. HU_International062015129_72DPIIn a competitive job market, experience ensures you have more than just a degree, and the knowledge to link your school experience to the demands of the real world. HU is the only university in Pennsylvania to make the Top 10 in a U.S.News ranking of colleges with the most success placing students in internships.

It’s just one of the tools that helps 92 percent of HU graduates find employment in their chosen fields or enroll in a master’s program within six months of graduation.

An affordable education with life changing possibilities

We understand that knowledge can change the world. That’s why we strive to make sure education is an affordable option for each of our students. HU’s tuition has been frozen to make sure a world-class education is easily accessible.  About 98 percent of students receive financial aid, up to 90 percent receive scholarships and the thriving city of Harrisburg offers a cost of living far lower than Philadelphia, New York City or Washington, D.C.

Why you should join Harrisburg University

In addition to gaining experience that leads to an innovative career, HU offers students a wealth of activities to keep them connected. The Student Events Council plans fun activities, such as movie nights, holiday parties and the Mr. HU Contest to keep you engaged and round out your college experience. The Residences on Market also ensure you can enjoy the convenience of an urban education while building relationships with fellow students.

While it’s easy for us to boast about our offerings, it’s the students at HU who can truly share how their experiences on and off campus prepared them for life after college. With so many of them finding successful futures, we think their accomplishments are truly worth celebrating.

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