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M.S. Computer Information Sciences

Master of Science in Computer Information Sciences (CISC) The 36 semester hour master degree in Computer Information Sciences provides a solid foundation in the fundamental areas of computer science and cyber security. The program includes courses to acquaint the student with current advances in the discipline, and their applications in business, health care and other […]

M.S. Degree in Analytics

The demand for skilled data scientists and managers with the ability to use big data to add value to their organizations is growing fast and there’s never been a better or more exciting time to pursue a degree in this high-growth field. Harrisburg University’s Master of Science (M.S.) in Analytics degree program is designed for […]

Online M.S. in Project Management

Earn your Master’s Online from a Project Management Institute Registered Education Provider Advance your career in project management with a Master of Science in Project Management from Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. Our online project management graduate degree equips you with the advanced knowledge and practical skills you need to lead and complete complex […]

Online M.S. in Learning Technologies (LTMS)

Online learning in the Learning Technologies Master of Science (LTMS) program is the best of both worlds. It’s an online degree program you can complete in as fast as 16 months, and it is one that will prepare you for a career in an industry with four (4) of the top 100 best jobs in […]

Online M.S. in Information Systems Engineering and Management

The demand for business managers who understand how to leverage big data analytics is growing fast and there’s never been a better or more exciting time to pursue a degree in this high-growth field. The online M.S. in Information Systems Engineering and Management program at Harrisburg University provides you with the education and experience you […]

M.S. Degree in Project Management

The M.S. degree in Project Management at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology provides a comprehensive focus on critical project management skills and offers an IT Project Management Concentration. The 36 semester hour graduate degree program provides each student with a focused, applied and rigorous experience in creating, developing, implementing and assessing projects and the […]

M.S. Degree in Learning Technologies

Emerging technologies are dramatically redefining the learning experience. Constant innovation continues to introduce new opportunities to enhance the delivery of teaching, training, collaboration and assessment. Education, business, and government are rapidly embracing the benefits of new learning technologies to: improve learner achievement, actively engage learners, manage and distribute educational opportunities, facilitate collaboration and generate innovative […]

M.S. Information Systems Engineering and Management

The 36-credit hour Information Systems Engineering & Management (ISEM) master’s degree program at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology is designed to provide you with both the technical and business skills you need to plan, engineer/re-engineer, and manage the systems to support modern digital enterprises. The program is available for full-time or part-time students. The […]

Online M.S. in Analytics

Enter the workforce with the skills, confidence, and expertise you need to succeed in an information-intensive world. Stay competitive with a degree in Big Data. Today’s organizations use data-mining and analytics to drive pricing, marketing, research and development, finance, operations, logistics, risk management, and online activities. As a student in Harrisburg University of Science and […]


You know that you want to enroll here, but you’re not sure what you want to study. Or maybe you just don’t know what your career goals are yet. Relax! You’re in good company. About 10 percent of our students begin as “undeclared” majors while they take classes in our general education core curriculum. You […]

Management & e-Business B.S. Degree

Deciding whether a company needs a new technology is not a technical decision, but a business decision. Similarly, establishing a company is not strictly a business decision – it involves analysis of several enabling technologies. The B.S. in Management & eBusiness at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology brings both of those necessary skills together […]

Integrative Sciences B.S. Degree

The B.S. in Integrative Sciences at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology was designed to start with the basics of biology, chemistry, and physics, and then allow students the flexibility to concentrate in Biology, Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, Environmental Impact of Pharmaceuticals, Environmental Science & Renewable Energy, Forensics, or Pharmaceutical Design & Development. This major produces […]

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