Data Sciences

  Doctorate Program

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Data Sciences Degree Program

Doctor of Philosophy at Harrisburg University focuses on enabling students to make original contributions to their respective fields of study.

There are two phases of the doctoral program at HU:

  1. a learning phase that includes coursework, seminars, research, and fieldwork that contributes to the student’s knowledge in the program of study
  2. a research phase that focuses on student’s original research culminating in his/her final examination

The mission of the Harrisburg University Analytics Program is to create scientifically minded and technically proficient professionals with a comprehensive background in the methodological diversity of the data sciences and the intellectual depth to offer influential perspectives to analytical teams across disciplines.

The  program educational goals are as follows:

The student:

  • Will have applied diverse data science methodologies using a scientific process individually or in teams to provide impactful insights from large sets of data.
  • Will have used effective communications to explain insights from analytical processes on data to diverse audiences.
  • Will have grown professionally through self-study, continuing education, and professional development.

Student Outcomes

HU Competencies
Program Student Outcomes
Critical Thinking
  • Identify and assess the opportunities, needs and constraints for data usage
  • Conduct independent research at a level appropriate for expanding the body of knowledge in the data science domain

Information Literacy
  • Make clear and insightful analyses changing direction quickly as required by these analyses
  • Measure, evaluate, and explain the level of quality of a dataset and determine/develop a plan to improve the quality

Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Work effectively in a team to develop data analytic solutions

Ethical Decision Making
  • Recognize and analyze ethical issues related to intellectual property, data security, integrity, and privacy

  • Communicate clearly and persuasively to a variety of audiences

The Ph.D. in Data Science at Harrisburg University is a four to five-year program.    The Harrisburg Master’s in Analytics program is technically considered to be the first two years of the Ph.D. program. The proper time, however, for applying to the Ph.D. program (the last two years of the program ) is in the last semester of HU’s Master’s program.

Prior education at the Master’s level and above in related fields, such as computer science, can lead to some transfer credit.  But in no way can a Master’s in another field at Harrisburg University, or a Master’s Degree in Data Analytics from another institution serve as a substitute for the first two years of the Ph.D. Program.  The educational track that is provided here in the first two years is specific to HU’s Ph.D. program as a whole.

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