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The B.S. in Computer and Information Science at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology is the science behind the coolest gadgets and gear on the market. The skeletons of today’s most powerful websites. And the root of tomorrow’s most rewarding careers. Technology at Harrisburg University is more than just computer screens and keyboards. It’s a hands-on study of the complex information systems and peripherals that power our world and shape our future.

Cyber Security

Put yourself in the shoes of the world’s most dangerous hackers. As an information security specialist, you’ll analyze threats to corporate computer systems and prevent the theft of critical data.

Computer Science

Computer programs, software and networks are used daily to run business operations. With a concentration in this field, you will learn the skills to develop computer software, customize programs, build and maintain networks, and manage information technology projects.

Software Engineering & System Analysis

Dig deep into the nervous systems that power today’s biggest technology companies. There is now an urgent demand for highly skilled IT professionals with diverse specializations including software design, interface design, web development, network administration and security.

Computational Biology

This is an interdisciplinary field of science that uses data analytics methods, mathematical modeling and computational techniques to study, understand and manage the biological, behavioral, and social systems. It prepares students to work with researchers across the disciplines of computer science and biology, by teaching them how develop the required methods and software tools, and how to apply them in fields like molecular biology, genetics, and digital forensics. Careers in the field include BioProcess Technical Support Specialist, Computational Biologist, Systems Biologist, Bioinformatics Software Engineer, Bioinformatics Research Assistant, and Bioinformatics Algorithm Developer

Machine Learning

Welcome to a subfield of computer science that focuses on building systems that can think and make smart decisions through embedding intelligence components. This intelligence is artificially created by the power of software development and computer algorithms. ML gives computers the ability to learn and act smartly without being explicitly programmed, by teaching themselves to learn from experience (data, information and situations collected from the surrounding). This is an ideal major for careers as Machine Learning Software Engineer, Data Scientist (Machine Learning), Robotics Engineering, Computer Vision Engineer, and Quantitative Researcher.

Five-Year Accelerated Bachelor of Science/Master of Science

HU’s five-year accelerated Bachelor of Science/Master of Science programs are designed to result in a baccalaureate degree in Computer and Information Sciences and a master of science degree in Information Software Engineering and Management. The student who demonstrates exceptional academic performance in the undergraduate Bachelor of Science program in Computer and Information Sciences with a concentration in Software Engineering and Systems Analysis or Computer and Information Security may apply to this accelerated dual-degree program. These programs facilitate the student completing both degree programs in five years rather than the usual six.

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Five Year Accelerated BS/MS Options in Computer & Information Sciences

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