Bachelor of Science in Esports Management, Production, and Performance



This Bachelor of Science Degree Program provides students with the skills needed to become a media content creator, event manager, specialized coach, organizational/team manager, marketing manager, analyst, and more in a cutting-edge, exploding industry.

The program is not a training ground for players; it’s a path to turning a passion into an exciting career in the promising world of Esports. It places students on the cusp of an industry eager to build its workforce.

Harrisburg University is one of only a handful of universities across the U.S. to offer an Esports Management, Production, and Performance bachelor’s degree program. Students enrolled in the program will gain real-world hands-on experience by working with collegiate teams and professional Esports organizations in industry event venues.

The program combines three of Harrisburg Universities strengths – business administration, interactive media, and technology integration – to build an industry pipeline for the next generation of Esports decision-makers in management, production entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Students will learn how to manage, produce and contribute to the Esports market by building unique skills and insights applicable to new and established organizations.

The program allows students to follow their passions to lucrative careers in a $1 billion industry that continues to grow. Students who graduate from this program will have the skills and know-how to succeed in this exciting industry.


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