Management, Entrepreneurship, and Business Administration (MEBA) B.S. Degree



The Bachelor of Science in Management, Entrepreneurship and Business Administration (MEBA) is a high-quality program advancing business and research at the intersection of innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship. This Bachelor of Science program prepares the student for a successful career in the modern job market by teaching them how to recognize opportunities and create value in both new and existing organizations. This program draws on three disciplines providing skills in Entrepreneurship, Managerial Decision Making, and Business Administration, and prepares the student to take leadership, management, and entrepreneurial roles in the public and private sectors. The student is taught skills such as strategic thinking, motivating and managing nationally and internationally diverse workforces, building and leading team efforts, negotiating successfully, and instituting planned change in organizations. MEBA is a high quality program advancing current business practices at the intersection of innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship. Students may concentrate in: Individualized Concentration, Digital Health, Digital Marketing, Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, or you can create an individualized plan.

Business Analytics

How do certain companies continue to grow year after year, outpacing their competition? Successful organizations have learned to use Business Analytics to gain insights into current operations and use data to predict the future.  The skills you gain through the Business Analytics concentration equip you to help any company achieve its strategic goals through improved decision-making that’s based on evidence. Armed with the skills and knowledge gained through your coursework, you will be ready to become a true change agent, able to bring about positive results in your organization. Harrisburg University’s undergraduate Business Analytics program has recently been mentioned by TheBestSchools.Org as a top rated Business Intelligence program.


Becoming a successful entrepreneur is more than coming up with a great idea.  It is about taking that idea and making it a solution that helps many customers. It is about listening to your customers, adjusting your product to fit their needs, and about coordinating a large business effort with suppliers, employees, and customers.  This effort is called Innovation.  The Entrepreneurship concentration will teach you business planning, team development, and problem solving.  Within this concentration you can have the opportunity to work with others that have started successful companies and potential investors through Harrisburg University’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to transform your idea to starting a new business venture.

Digital Marketing

Business has changed. Today, we are operating in a global environment that is driven by technology. Succeeding in this fast moving, high-tech business environment demands expertise in Digital Marketing. Individuals with diverse skills and deep understanding of the digital environment are increasingly valuable to their organizations in all sectors.  As a student in this concentration, you will gain a clear understanding of the principles, mechanics, and intricacies of the ever-evolving digital marketing environment. Through practical experience, discussions and projects, you will gain an integrated understanding of the links between paid, owned, and earned channels that comprise the digital marketing environment. You will learn to translate the mechanics of Digital Marketing into actionable marketing programs that drive consumer engagement and bring a high return on investment.

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