A high school student who wishes to attend college on a full-time basis prior to receiving a high school diploma must be admitted under Harrisburg University’s Early College Program policy.  The applicant must show strong academic preparation and personal maturity as exhibited by the high school transcript, placement test scores, and a personal interview to qualify for the Early College Program at HU.

Application Timeline

There is no application deadline.  Application files are reviewed within two weeks of completion.  The applicant is encouraged to apply as soon as possible and coordinate the application with the appropriate high school personnel, often the guidance counselor.

Early College Program Requirements

The Early College Program admission process requires the applicant to:

  • complete the full-time undergraduate application;
  • submit an official high school transcript showing a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.30 on a 4.00 scale;
  • successfully complete the placement examination administered by the University.
  • submit written approval from the school district or diploma program describing the required plan of study necessary to complete the high school curriculum by the conclusion of the first two semesters of study at the University;
  • schedule an interview for admission; and,
  • submit a consent form from the high school guidance department endorsed by the parent or legal guardian.

Early College Program Policies

Participation in the Early College Program is contingent upon results of the placement test and the availability of the course(s) in which the applicant plans to enroll.

A student admitted to the Early College Program without a high school diploma is not eligible for Federal and State financial assistance.

Tuition funding for the Early College Program may come from a sponsoring school district; in which case, a dual enrollment contract must be completed with the district.  The traditional dual enrollment policies and rates apply.

An independent student who is not from a sponsoring school district will be billed for 6 semester hours at the dual enrollment rate and the prevailing semester hour tuition rate for semester hours in excess of 6.

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