Healthcare Informatics

How is this program different from other programs in healthcare informatics?

Most programs available at other universities today emphasize programming skills in analytics as a basic competency. We view this area of study as more suitable for a concentration if analytic competency is desired.  Our program emphasizes analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of analytics tools so the student can more effectively transmit analytics results to decision-makers. The Essential Skills courses not only further improve the student’s communication and IT optimization abilities, but allow the student to interact effectively and synergistically with the teams that deploy new projects across their organizations.

What are the differences between the Certificate and the Master’s Degree?

Both programs contain the complete Core Courses in Healthcare Informatics. The Master’s Degree adds the opportunity to pursue interests in related topics such as Analytics, Biotechnology, Computer Science and IT Management. A Certificate in Program Management is also available.

Can I attend this program if I have an F-1 Visa?

Yes. An executive pathway requires in-person attendance at sessions held on three weekends each semester.  Please see the University website information for International students.