The admission process at HU is designed to help you make good decisions about your educational choices and to make sure you explore all the enrollment options at the University, so you find the plan that works best for you. The process is meant to be informative and encouraging–not to present an intimidating barrier to your educational plans. Just as every student receives personal attention in the classroom, every applicant receives thorough consideration and guidance during the enrollment process. Students are encouraged to visit the campus for a personal appointment with a member of the admissions team.

The University seeks students from a variety of backgrounds who can contribute to a vibrant and diverse University community. Students can demonstrate their academic potential through a variety of means. No one particular factor can measure a student’s potential, therefore the University gives consideration to all aspects of your admissions application.  If you have questions about the process, please email For program start dates, please refer to the academic calendar found in the catalog or online at Academic Calendars.

The Undergraduate Admission Process

Apply online
Request that your high school and all undergraduate transcripts (if you’ve attended post-secondary school already) are sent to:

Harrisburg University
Office of Admissions
326 Market Street
Harrisburg PA 17101

Set up a personal interview (optional)
Submit SAT or ACT scores (optional)

You can schedule a visit at
You may email your unofficial transcripts, application and goal statement to 

International Undergraduate Students

Harrisburg University welcomes students from more than 100 countries to its campus annually. If you are an international student seeking admission to the University, please complete the online application.
In addition to the goal statement, your high school transcripts must be evaluated by a Harrisburg University-approved international credentialing service, such as WES (World Education Services) or ECE (Educational Credential Evaluators). You are also required to supply:

  • Proof of English Proficiency (TOEFL score of 80 IBT, IELTS score of 6.0).
  • Copy of Passport. Transfer students are also required to provide a copy of their Visa, I94 and current I20.
  • Bank statement of $36,450 USD or affidavit of support if applicable.

Send your completed application and documents via email to 

Graduate Admissions Requirements for Non-International Graduate Students

Each applicant’s candidacy will be evaluated once all admissions materials have been received.

The graduate admission process for non-international students requires the candidate to:

  • complete the application online
  • submit final official undergraduate transcript(s) from the college or university at which a baccalaureate degree was conferred, and any other institution of higher education attended (whether or not academic credit was earned);
  • submit a personal goal statement including:
  • future goals: identify career/professional goals; and,
  • leadership or group contributions: describe examples of leadership experience in which you have significantly influenced others, helped resolve disputes or contributed to group efforts over time.
  • submit a hard copy resume or by email to
  • The University does not require the GRE/GMAT for students seeking a master’s degree. However, the GRE/GMAT is strongly recommended for students seeking admission to a doctorate program.


International Graduate Student Admissions Requirements and Curricular Practical Training

To receive information on the requirements for graduate admissions for international students, please email your request to  Click here for requirements for admissions and Curricular Practical Training!  All of the University’s graduate programs are STEM approved and Curricular Practical Training is offered.
For more information, or to schedule an individual appointment, contact the Office of Admissions at 717.901.5101 or toll-free at 866.424.8648. You can also email the Admissions office.

Doctorate Admission Requirements for Non-International Students

A faculty admission committee will evaluate each applicant’s candidacy once all admissions materials have been received.  The doctorate admission process requires the candidate to:

  • Complete the application online at Harrisburg University Program Applications.
  • Write an essay (in English) on how this degree supports the candidate’s academic and career aspirations.
  • Submit final official transcript(s) from the college or university at which the highest degree earned was conferred. An unofficial transcript can be used for admissions decision but an official transcript must be sent prior to registration.
  • The submission of an official record of the Graduate Record Examination score (GRE) is recommended.
  • Provide two letters of recommendation from academic or industry professionals.
  • Submit a resume.
  • Interview with Faculty Admission Committee (University will schedule with candidates after receipt of complete application packet).


Doctorate Admissions Requirements for International Students

In addition to the documents required above, an international student planning to attend the University on a student (F-1) visa must include copies of Visa, passport, 1-20, bank statements showing $26,500 or an affidavit of financial support.  In addition to satisfying the appropriate admissions requirements and procedures, an international student must demonstrate proficiency in the English language if admitted as a non-resident candidate.  Academic records should include courses studied, grades earned, diplomas, certificates, and results of comprehensive national examinations.

Your complete application packet should be sent via mail to Doctorate Admissions Coordinator,

Important Codes for the Admission & Financial Aid Processes

There are several HU-specific reporting codes that you will need for financial aid or admission forms. Here are the most common codes you may be asked to provide:
Free Application for Federal Student Aid: 039483.
SAT Reporting Code: 4511.
ACT Reporting Code: 3637.
Federal School Code: 039483.
TOEFL  Code: 6260.
SEVIS School Code:  PHI214F02099000