What are the differences between the two Capstone courses? Specifically, what are the differences between ISEM 699 (Capstone Project) and GRAD 699 (Thesis)?

The two capstone courses cover the two paradigms of research in information systems. In particular, ISEM 699 is for “Design Science” paradigm and GRAD 699 is for “Behavioral Science” research types.  

In ISEM 699 students employ their theoretical knowledge gained throughout their studies here at HU to design, build, and create a prototype, a gamified  solution, a new model, a recommendation set, or in a nut shell an artifact which solves the very specific problem of the project. 

In GRAD 699 students explore a theory and define the theoretical foundation of a specific problem. Here students try to understand how a system works, explain the architecture, and develop the theory. 

Can I take the two Capstone project courses (GRAD 695) and 699 concurrently?

No! Students cannot take the two capstone courses concurrently. GRAD 695 should be taken at least one semester prior to 699 course. 

What would be the best time to take GRAD 695?

As per course catalogue, GRAD 695 should be taken when the students completes 18 graduate credit hours. 

Should I take ISEM 501 or ISEM 500?

ISEM 501 is a bridge course for students who have absolutely no knowledge of IT and computer related subjects. Almost all courses in ISEM program rely on a solid knowledge of information and communication technologies (ICT), IT, and computer sciences. So if a student’s background is in say finance, medical studies, arts, … without good understanding of concepts like database, HTML, XML, .. then the student SHOULD take this bridge course.

If a student has a bachelor’s or a master’s in IT, computer sciences/engineering, electrical engineering and related fields, then then students IS NOT ALLOWED to take this course. If registers, the instructor can ask the student to drop the course.

Can I take ISEM 501 and ISEM 500 concurrently?

This is not recommended, but YES.

I have registered for a course, but there are only 3 students registered so far. Are we going to have the class? Or when would I know that the class is cancelled?

Students should contact the registrar’s office and ask about the possibility of cancellation. Students should be prepared to register for other courses in case of a cancellation.

If I register for one executive course, can I register for multiple online courses? Or it should be only one online course?

Contact the international student services and DSO for the details of your registration requirements to stay “in-status”.

I notice that Harrisburg University is a Registered Education Provider for the Project Management Institute (PMI). What does that mean relative to the quality of my Masters of Science degree in Project Management?

Harrisburg University has been a Registered Education Provider for PMI for nearly 10 years. This means that the instruction you receive from Harrisburg University in our Project Management Program is in alignment with PMI standards and guidelines, which is the largest standards and guidelines organization in project management in the world.

Where can we find the details of “student status” on our HU website?

Check with DSO.

I want to register for a course but the section is full, can you register me for the course?

You need to contact the registrar’s office for this matter. No faculty or advisor can register you for a course, they can grant you the permission in case of “full classes” and “pre-requisite” matters, but at the end of the day, the registration office should allow for your registration. Do not ask your instructor or advisor to register you for a course.