HU Information Technology Services is responsible for connecting students, faculty, and staff to technology resources in support of the university’s mission. As such, IT Services strives to provide a robust and reliable infrastructure to enable excellence in teaching, learning, and scholarship through the effective and innovative use of available technologies.

IT Services provides resources for the university’s academic and administrative computing and telecommunications needs. Important services include voice and data communications, wired and wireless networks, Internet access, electronic mail, licensing and support for software applications, web and portal operations, enterprise computing, classroom technologies, the IT HelpDesk, technology training, and hardware maintenance for university-owned equipment.

Information Technology
Voice: 717.901.5177
IT Help Desk

Information Services Helpdesk

How you can help us help you:
All calls are logged in a database for tracking and reference. If you have network connectivity please log into and fill out the Help Desk Request Form. If you contact the HelpDesk by phone be prepared to answer some questions and follow some troubleshooting instructions. You most certainly will be asked questions similar to these:

  • What kind of computer and Operating System version are you working from?
  • What is your student ID number?
  • What program were you in when you experienced the error? What were you attempting to do?
  • If you are experiencing a problem with a monitor or hardware, what model is it?

Problems are attended to in the order received. Do not report a problem to a support staff member directly. This will only delay the process. All calls must be reported to the HelpDesk before a staff member can begin working on the problem. In most cases, the person experiencing the problem should report the problem. HelpDesk may need to speak directly to the person experiencing the problem before proceeding.

The HelpDesk provides technical support services to students, faculty and staff members in the Harrisburg University campus community.

Hours: Monday through Thursday, 8:30 am – 6:30 pm; Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Telephone: 717 901-5177
IT Help Desk

Laptop Requirements

Students enrolled at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology are required to have a laptop computer in order to complete course requirements. If you already have a laptop and want to continue using it at Harrisburg University, please be aware of our minimum requirements for network connectivity.

Please note, these are the minimum requirements for the Office365 desktop software. There may be additional degree program software requirements. Check with your advisor or program director for more information before you make any laptop purchasing decisions. If you have questions, please contact IT Help Desk.

Minimum HU Network Requirements

Any class that involves Adobe Connect will require the user’s network maintain a minimum 5 mb upload and download speed to avoid issues.

In addition to hardware requirements, users must have administrative rights or a permission level allowing the installation and configuration of software/system settings. If you are using a work or school laptop without such permissions, please discuss the Security Software requirements mentioned above with your system administrator.

Your current operating system and security software configuration can be tested off campus by clicking this link: Security Test Scan. This test will inform you of any issues that need remedied for a successful network registration.

Connecting to the Internet

Harrisburg University provides Internet access to students who have registered their laptops with the university. Instructions for connecting to the Internet and registering your computer are located at the following link: Wireless Network Authentication

Acceptable Use Policy

All HU students must comply with our Policies. These policies explain rights and responsibilities as a member of the HU computing environment. By connecting to the wireless network at HU you are bound to the Acceptable Use Policy.

Purchasing Your Laptop

You are free to purchase the laptop of your choice (as long it meets the minimum requirements above).

There are two options to pay for your laptop:

  • Self-finance – credit card, debit card, check, 3rd party lease, etc.
  • Financial Aid – Contact the Office of Financial Aid Services at or 717.901.5101

Warranties, service, and support for your laptop are provided by your computer’s manufacturer. Please keep this in mind as you select a laptop.


If you questions about HU’s laptop program or overall computing environment, please feel free to contact the IT Help Desk or 717-901-5177

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