Computer and Software Requirements

Students must have a laptop. Students must have a working wireless network connection at Harrisburg University and have the ability to print documents. It is the responsibility of every student to have a working computer and printer access.

  • Students enrolled in Harrisburg University of Science and Technology’s degree program are required to have a laptop computer in order to complete specific course requirements.
  • If you already have a laptop and want to continue using it at Harrisburg University, please be aware of the minimum required specifications. Information can be found on the HU web site (
  • Minimum requirements for connecting to the HU wireless network can also be found on the HU web site (
  • Students should use the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) to ensure the compatibility of their files with university and instructors’ computers. Open Office files (or other programs) are acceptable only if files submitted are compatible with, and can be opened by university software. Students are eligible for Office 365 ProPlus; instructions for downloading and using Office 365 ProPlus are available under the Technology tab of MyHU (under “Software”).
  • If an assignment allows for the electronic submission of a file, an unreadable file will be deemed “unsubmitted,” ungraded, and the assignment will be penalized as a late assignment when it is submitted.
  • It is the policy of Harrisburg University that university business is conducted using a or email account. Emails to staff or faculty should be written clearly, respectfully, and concisely. It is a requirement that each student checks their email account regularly.
  • Students and faculty are required to use Canvas (the course management system for HU) . This may be required both during and outside of class. Instructors regularly post information such as assignments, due dates, readings, and outlines on Canvas. Students are responsible for reading any course announcements that are posted on Canvas. In addition, students may have to complete assignments or upload documents to Canvas.
  • Students must be familiar with basic file management, word processing, the Internet, browsers, uploading files, and opening attachments sent in emails. Students are encouraged to back up all files to a flash drive and/or to Microsoft OneDrive.
  • If you are using a company supplied laptop you may find that your IT department has restricted your ability to install software, or to dual boot into other environments (i.e. HU license for Windows 365 or Bootcamp for Mac). It is your responsibility to resolve these issues or to purchase a system that will allow you to install the required software. Course-specific software requirements will be listed in the syllabus, and on this website.

Responsibility for resolving any computer/software problems is the responsibility of the individual student. Students should send an email explaining the issue to 
Access to your courses will open prior to the first day of the semester and you are expected to log onto your courses when the semester starts even if this is prior to your executive weekends on the actual campus.

Course specific requirements:

LTMS 531: This course will use Nexlearn’s Simwriter. This program runs under Windows. If you have an Apple you will need to make provisions to run a dual boot environment in order to complete class assignments.