Project Management

The Agile Lean Concentration can be taken by students seeking their Master of Science in Project Management. This concentration will provide students with a thorough understanding and application of Agile Lean frameworks used in the project management, software and IT product development domains. These Agile frameworks can be applied to application development and business process improvement.

Agile Lean Frameworks have made significant impacts in organizations that are implementing these principles. The satisfaction index for using these frameworks has reached high levels of around 80%. These frameworks are used in delivering improved business processes for Product Development, Software Development, Manufacturing, Business Process Improvement and Value Centered Project/Portfolio Management. A student that graduates with a Master of Science in Project Management with an Agile Lean Concentration will have a definite edge over those students that are trained in just the more traditional aspects of Project Management.

The Master of Science Program at Harrisburg University requires a total of 36 credit hours. The Agile Lean concentration requires a total of 4 Agile Lean Courses (12 credit hours) to be completed satisfactorily. Since all Master of Science degrees at Harrisburg University have an option for students to take at least 12 hours electives in addition to their core courses, majors from any of the MS degree programs mentioned earlier can select this option.

Starting with the Agile Project Management with Scrum core course (a required core course for those majors in Project Management), the concentration then expands to include applying Scrum to projects, conducting new product development with Agile Lean, leading Agile Lean transformations in organizations and then concluding with a capstone research thesis in Agile Lean.

The concentration consists of four required 3 credit hour courses:

PMGT 570   Agile Project Management with Scrum (Core Required Course for MSPM majors)
PMGT 572   Agile Scrum Applied Projects
PMGT 574   Agile Lean Product Development
PMGT 576   Agile Lean Transformational Leadership

Courses may be taken purely online or in the Executive Format. Executive format is a hybrid approach which is a combination of online and 3 half days on Saturday per 14 week semester at the Harrisburg University campus.

A student choosing this option will have the flexibility to select one other elective from other Master of Science electives in Project Management, Analytics, Learning Technologies, Computer Science, or Information Systems and Engineering Management.