Privacy Statement

Our Policy. As a student of Harrisburg University of Science & Technology, your privacy is our business. It is our policy to protect you and your family from unauthorized use of information provided in the course of doing business with us.

No information provided by you will be used for any purpose other than processing your on-line transactions for the Service. We will not give away, sell or otherwise disclose any information that personally identifies you, except as necessary to perform the Service. In addition, we may offer optional surveys or questionnaires to our users as a means of collecting demographic information or assessing users’ opinions, interests and needs. The survey will contain an explanation as to its proposed use.

What Information We Collect. To access your account, you must provide your student identifier and the PIN. With this information, we can verify your identity and permit you to view information concerning your account transactions and balances. Making payment with only the identifier is permitted, but it is used only for comparison to your records to ensure that you are an authorized payer. Without the proper PIN, no other information will be provided to you.

Email address. When you use the site, we request your e-mail address. We may use your e-mail address to send you receipt information, information about your transactions, and notices about this site.

Transaction Information. To process transactions, we collect information related to each transaction, such as the amount and the necessary identifying information, including the account numbers or e-mail addresses of the parties involved.

Credit Card Verification Information. During the processing of transactions, we collect verification information from the credit card issuers. The credit card service verifies that the user’s credit card information and address match the information that the user supplies to us.

Automatically Gathered Information. Our site automatically gathers information about the type and version of your Web browser, so we can present the site to you properly, and keep a record of your activity at the site.

We will not give third parties individually identifiable information about users unless we are compelled to do so by law, or we have the express permission of the user, or we need to disclose it to process transactions.


This service requires that your Web browser accept “cookies” to function properly. (A cookie is a small data text file, which our Web site stores temporarily on your computer’s memory.) We use cookies when users log in to their Harrisburg University of Science & Technology account with their personal identifier and PIN. These cookies allow us to remember a user who visits multiple pages in our site, so that the user doesn’t have to re-enter information multiple times. Once the user shuts down the browser, these cookies are deleted and no longer have any effect.


We use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain the security of your personal information. All identifier and transactional information collected by Harrisburg University of Science & Technology is stored on a secure server. Any sensitive information is encrypted. Your private account information is stored on a server that is protected both physically and electronically.

Our servers are NOT directly connected to the Internet. They sit behind a firewall, which is designed to make private financial information available only to messages from authorized computers.

When you communicate with Harrisburg University of Science & Technology through your computer’s Web browser, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) automatically protects your interactions. Before you log in to our site, our server checks to make sure you’re using one of the approved browsers. We only support browsers that use SSL 3.0 or higher.

Every payment transaction is assigned a unique receipt number, which is used by Harrisburg University of Science & Technology and you, the user, for reconciliation and tracking purposes. Each transaction is also tracked by your school identifier and the date/time of your transaction.

Refund Policy for Traditional Semester Terms

Students who withdraw from Harrisburg University prior to the end of the third week of the semester may be due a refund of money paid to the university.
The rate of refund for withdrawal from the University is based on total charges and is as follows:

Prior to the first day of a semester
During the first week
During the second week
During the third week
After the third week

Tuition Refund Policy

Tuition for the semester is considered fully-earned at the end of the third week of classes. For refund purposes, the semester begins on the first day of class for that semester, regardless of the student’s first class day of attendance during week one. The period of time used to calculate the tuition refund is the first day of class of the semester to the University’s determination date of official or unofficial withdrawal.

There will be no refund or additional charges for students who drop and add an equal number of credit hours within the same semester prior to the end of the drop/add period (week 2).

If a student reduces the number of courses and/or credit hours during the published drop/add period, a tuition adjustment for that course or credit hour reduction will be made, except where the student maintains full-time enrollment status of 12 credit hours or more.

There is no tuition refund when a student withdraws from one or more courses after the drop-add period but remains enrolled in one or more other scheduled courses.